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The main objective of the investment program which is promoted by free economic zones is to increase the profit through costs. Effective production process and commercialization on emerging markets lead to cost savings between 10-20% compared to similar locations on other industrial platforms of the country.

One of the primary tasks of the Government is to attract investments and create a favorable business climate for investors - both foreign and domestic. In this regard, are taken measures to stimulate business activity and improve the investment climate, exacerbating the country's geographical location, skilled labor, fertile. Investment attractiveness of Moldova is determined by the fact that the "Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the European Union" was signed, as well as the access to foreign markets through the General System of Preferences (GSP +) with EU, Switzerland, Japan etc. The adopted legislative acts (Law on investments in entrepreneurial activity, Law on microfinance organizations, Law on electronic document and digital signature, Law on electronic commerce, Law on Leasing) as well as new laws developed in the field of economy have one goal – to ensure the state's economic policies - balanced and predictable - to simplify the creation and operation of enterprises, and stimulate new investment. They are attractive for industrial and economic zones that offer fiscal and customs facilities, and state guarantees for residents.


Fee for the contest: 600 euro
Registration fee as a resident: 700 euro
The fee for obtaining authorization permits for the development of activities for each type separately during one year: 300 euro
For activity within FEZ, zonal fee from:
Income net sales (products/services) - up to 1% but not less than 4000 euro/month
Other income - up to 2% but not less than 4000 euro/month
Land lease fee (for m2/year):
Land for the activity in the free economic zone regime: up to 1 euro
Land for the activity in general regime: up to 1 euro

Legal framework

  • International agreements to which Moldova is a party
  • Moldovan legislation
  • Normative acts of the Government
  • Normative acts of the Administration of the free zone