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Activity of FEZ PP "Otaci-Business" is regulated by:

  • Law on free economic zones no. 440-XV from 27.07.2001
  • Decision on approval of the Concept on the creation and development of free economic zones 783 from 17.06.2002
  • RM Government Decision regarding control reglamentation nr.395 from 01.04.2003
  • Annex. 1 and 2 to the Government Decision nr. 686 from 30.05.2002
  • Regulation on competition selection of residents in of free economic zones
  • Regulation on FEZ border crossing
  • Annex. 5 Government Decision nr. 1757 from 31.12.2002
  • Law on Free Enterprise Zone Production Park "Otaci-Business" Nr. 1565-XIII from 02.26.1998
  • Free Enterprise Zone Regulation of Production Park "Otaci-Business"

Statutul de rezident ZAL

Resident of the free zone may be any physical or legal person registered under the law as a subject of entrepreneurial activity in Moldova.
The selection of residents is carried by the Administration on a competitive basis, taking into account the volume and character of investment, the need of creating the infrastructure in the area of production, the maintaining of orientation of the free zone to manufacture industrial products for export, territory and land availability, provision of labor, water, energy resources.
The participants represent shows files to FEZ Administration, into 2 copies:

  • Application form addressed to Administrator
  • Copy of the enterprise registration certificate issued by CIS or letter of guarantee regarding the establishment and registration of legal entities in case of selection
  • A copy of the document that conforms payment of the fee for the contest
  • The investment project/business plan for 2-3 years in terms of FEZ
  • The intent of participation in FEZ infrastructure development in the conditions imposed by competition
  • Brief information about participant
  • Name/Surname of authorized person who act on behalf of participants in the competition having the right of signature
  • Copy of balance sheet for the last year of activity
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Candidates who do not own realties in the free zone will present a pre-contract in which will be stipulated rent space conditions, and property owners - documents proving ownership.
In later than 30 days from the approval of competition results, winner agrees to sign an agreement with the Administration to conduct entrepreneurial activity in FEZ. Date of signing of the contract is the date when of winner’s registration as a resident of FEZ.
If the candidate registered in the contest is not selected as a winner, his contest fee is not refunded.