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Administration of ZAL PP "Otaci-Business" is a state agency established by the Government of RM, with the status of legal entity that operates on the principles of self-financing.

Administration is led by main administrator, nominated by Government. The main administrator employs / dismisses staff Administration, applies incentives / sanctions, approves staff duties, issues orders within the limits of his competence.

Administrator elaborates ZEL plans / programs for development and approves them only after coordinating their social, ecological aspects and those which target the extension of the free zone with local public authoritie, the Ministry of Economy and residents. The administrator represents the Administration in state bodies, forums and signs agreements without proxy. Main Administrator of FEZ PP "Otaci-Business" is nominated Mr. Victor Gîncu , tel: +373 271 79707.

About Ocnita

Ocnita - administrative unit of the Republic of Moldova situated in the north-east of the country and bordering Ukraine (Chernivtsi regions and Vinita). It includes 3 towns and 18 communes (comprising 30 villages, including common residences). Area - 6000 km2, local population - 56,700 people (Moldovan / Romanian - 57.7%, Russians, Ukrainians - 30.7%; Gypsies - 6%, other nationalities - 4.9%, Polish - 0 , 1%). In Ocnita (Naslavcea) is situated the northern extrimity of Moldova. Otaci is situated in the north part of Moldova. Nistru river passes the city, where is situated the state border of Moldova and Ukraine. In the city is located the checkpoint – on the bridge across the river. Throuh Otaci pass the most important national and international routes (Movilau - Podolsk, Vinita, Chernivtsi, Hmelnitc, Kiev - Ukraine, Moscow, Saint -Peterburg - Russia, Soroca, Balti, Chisinau - Moldova, Belarus Minsk,, Botosani, Suceava - Romania), which link the villages of the district and other industrial-commercial centers of Moldova, but what's more important, they link Western and Eastern countries. All industrial objects of the Production Park are connected by roads.

100 km – to Balti
220 km – to Chisinau
0,5 km - to Movilau - Podolschi
0,1 km - to the customs (rail), on the border with Ukraine.

Centrul industrial al orasului dispune de un potential de productie considerabil, desi in prezent capacitatile sale de productie sunt utilizate doar la nivelul de 10-30 %. Industrial center of the city has a considerable production potential, although now, its capabilities are used only at the level of 10-30%. Existing productive potential and prospects of enhancing it with the help of foreign investment, available infrastructure and development opportunities, favorable geographic location represent a foundation for the efficient functioning of FEZ PP "Otaci - Business".

Victor Gîncu , Administrator
FEZ, Industrial buildings